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We are strict in our quality assessments, and will not except every stone which is offered to us. It is in our policy to offer full disclosure on each and every Gemstone.

As you may already know, most gemstones are treated to enhance the appearance, and many of those are accepted by the trade. Par example Tanzanite is heated in order to bring out the colour, and emeralds are often oiled to make fissures less visible. Sapphires are normally heated to better the colour and clarity.

Many other gemstones are not usually treated at all, and some come both ways. And then there are Gemstones that have been cosmetically so enhanced, that one may say that they have little to do with what nature has provided us with.

Therefore we will not accept the following treatments: diffusion, impregnation, coating, glass-filling, resin filling, flux-treatment, bonding, irradiation, bleaching and dying.

The stones are not allowed to have any significant damages. If a gemstone has been in a setting, this will be disclosed. We may decide, in case of a damaged or scratched gemstone, to advise the owner to have it recut before offering it on

All photographs have been taken with professional studio lighting, i.e. 5600 Kelvin.

Needless to say that manmade (synthetic) gemstones, however beautiful they may be, have no place on