Privategems - Edelsteine privat kaufen und verkaufen

Private to private

Privategems ensures a smooth transaction for both sides.

Until now private individuals had very few possibilities to sell their sapphires, rubies, emeralds, garnets, alexandrite and many more with a full disclosure and professional presentation to the buyer. This is in most cases not due to the seller; as a certain know-how and specialized equipment is needed to accurately determine the gemstone on properties such as treatments, value and possible geographic origin. Also the presentation is more difficult as one might think.

We have decided not to sell jewellery on this platform. This does not mean that gemstones are sold without a setting, but to ensure a full laboratory testing, the stone has to be lifted out of its mount. If a setting is available, it will be photographed and offered with the stone.

As you will see, we have taken all the steps to ensure the buyer a full presentation of the gemstone, including visual representation of Raman spectroscopy, photoluminescence spectroscopy, photomicrography of inclusions, a film of the actual stone, photographs, and if available, a copy of available certificates.

The pricing is done after a full analysis of the stone together with the seller. In general we like to keep the stones attractive by pricing close to a wholesale value. This will make it attractive to private buyers and collectors, but also to goldsmiths and jewellers looking for a certain stone. If a stone is offered in our opinion at too high a price, we will decide not to place it on


Please inquire for additional shipping costs. Any extra shipping fees must be covered by the buyer. Any customs fees imbued by your country are the sole responsibility of the buyer.