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If you have a gemstone you would like to sell, all you need to do is write us an email with a few details, and our gemologist will get back to you.

In general the gemstones are viewed and analyzed by our gemologist in your presence in the laboratory in Soest. If you have several stones, and you are not willing to travel with them, our gemologist will have the possibility to test the gemstones with a mobile laboratory at your home, or at the bank where the stones are deposited.

Placement costs:

For each placed stone we charge 70€ + 19% VAT. This money is forwarded to our independent consulting gemologist for the work involving the analysis and presentation.


We know out of experience that buying a gemstone is best done with a personal inspection.
We offer our buyers to view the desired gemstone in either the lab or at our offices, after having made an apointment.

You may of course buy directly online, as we offer a return policy of 2 weeks.

If you decide the gemstone is not for you after having bought it online, return it to us, and after a visual inspection by our gemologist the funds will be returned minus the costs of shipping and handling. Needless to say that the Gemstone must be in the same condition.

Please note that we do not keep the offered gemstones on our premises due to security reasons.

Commissions charges both the seller and the buyer 10% + 19% VAT. which makes 11,9%.

It is our policy to take our time with both the seller and the buyer. It is our goal to make your transaction as personal and pleasurable as possible.